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Consecration of Tools
First, here is the method of consecration of the Athame according Path. You must first exorcise then devote the room, candles and incense. Once exorcised Athamé, light the candles, put incense burning, and place the Athame near other tools to spend. Sit for a moment and meditate on the Fire. Then stand up and poke you with a needle left directory, then place a drop of your blood on Athamé saying
"Athamé myself …. (your wizard name) I’ll dedicated to witchcraft and my exclusive use."
Here is the method of consecration of the Athame according Huson. This must be done by waning Moon.Made with distilled water infused with herbs dedicated to Mars (pepper, ginger, pepper, dragon blood, etc ….) and add a few drops of your blood water. Exorcise the Athame with the infusion and incense which you also added a powder Martian plant. Then heat your blade on the coals of the censer until it becomes as hot as possible, then put it in the brew. So imagine the blade shining power that accumulates and chant the following:
"Steel blade, I order you, banish From what I’m called. My will be done! “
Repeat three times the hardening process. Then magnetize the blade of the Athame by rubbing against a magnet. To do this hold the Athame in the left hand and the magnet in the right hand, and rub the handle to the tip, saying:
"Steel blade, I order To call what I’m called. My will be done! “
Then draw on the handle, with white paint to which you have added powders plants associated with March same as you put in your tea, the following runes:

Drawing each rune chant: "Blessed are you rune of power" on the back of the handle then you will write your name in wizard sorcerer alphabet (see here ), pronouncing each letter aloud and ending with "My will be done! " Bury the last three days and three nights in the earth, the tip down. Your Athame is about.
Here is the method of consecration of the Rod by Path. Exorcise and then spend the room, candles and incense (if not already), exorcise the Baguette, light the candles, and put incense to burn, then place the wand close to other objects to spend. Sit and meditate for a moment on the Air. Then get up, take the stick in your right hand, and introduce the north face saying:
"Sceptre power radius fertilizing light Lightness, skill and grace These are the attributes. “
Take the stick with both hands, always facing North and say:
"Today I … (your wizard name) I consecrate to witchcraft and the eternal light. “
Your wand is about.
Here is the method of consecration of the wand by Huson. Once your branch has been polished and carved, if you like, phallus-shaped, burn your Athamé the following runes from right to left:

Each rune that you will draw repeat a mantra type "Bless you, Rod!" Then go runes in ink or paint magic to which you can add herbs dedicated to Mercury powders. Spend your wand in the smoke of incense, trace over it a triple cross and end with "My will be done!" Your wand is about.
Here is how to spend your cup according Huson. Proceed by waxing Moon, and pour into a bowl of water, a little salt, and powdered following plants: verbena, mint, basil, rosemary, hyssop, lavender, sage, valerian and fennel. Then turn to burn some incense and say the words given above for the formula of exorcism incense, water your cup with water and pass through the smoke of incense, visualizing the flame Blue escaping water and incense. Sing meanwhile the following incantation:
"By water and fire Hear my vow! anything contrary to what I do or not is still to come in you My will be done! “
Then paint around the Cup the following runes:

Each rune you draw imagine the magic shine light chanting "Cut, be blessed" . Then draw your wizard name Theban alphabet underlying Cup pronouncing each letter aloud, and then end up "My will be done!" Your Cup is about.
Pentacle Altar:
Here is the method to devote your trail Pentacle Altar. As with other tools, prepare the room and candles, and incense. Exorcise the Pentacle, then sit and meditate for a moment on Earth. Then get up, put your hands on the pentacle and say
"O Pentacle, supporting the forces of Earth, the visible universe and my works, your wisdom is great and your achievements are reflected in my life. Now me … (your wizard name), I Life gives in turn, by that of my own life. And I engaged in witchcraft and the eternal light. So be it! "
Your Pentacle Altar is about.
Here is how to spend your Censer by Huson. Use water and incense spent with the method previously given to exorcise your Censer, during waxing Moon. Then put on its periphery symbols above with paint to which you can add powdered Dragon’s Blood:

Chanting for each of them: ”. Either blessed creature of Fire” Then visualize that you load light, and draw around the base of the censer your name sorcerer alphabet and end with "My will be done " Your Censer is about.
Here is the method of consecration of the rope (or Cingulum) given by Huson. To spend, you need while you braid the three ribbons that constitutes it (see the manufacture of rope here ) in Moon rising chant the following mantra:
"You who is custom made ​​for Thee, tie braided rope, I beseech you, Obey my will! “
Once braided rope, make a big knot at the end and say "My will be done!" Your rope is about.
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symbols to see from reading your tea leaves.